Do most people with high blood pressure get on an angiotensin II drug?

Angiotensin II. Actually no, there is an order to starting blood pressure meds and often people start with a diuretic or a beta blocker. Occasionally, in diabetic patients an ace inhibitor is used as an initial agent because of beneficial effects to protect the kidneys.

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Can you tell me about drug should not be taken by someone who has high blood pressure?

Yes, some of them. Anything beyond modest alcohol intake. Nicotine! stimulants, amphetamine, cocaine, limit caffiene intake. Cold remedies that contain certain decongestants like phenylephrine, oxymetolazone. Consult with your pharmacist or caregiver. Some caution has been advised with non-steroidals : ibuprofen, alleve, etc. Energy drinks. Read more...

I am having high blood pressure and I get to where I have "attacks" where my blood pressure shoots up at times and is normal at times?

See your doctor. Blood pressure can fluctuate with stress, caffeine intake, decongestants, and activity level. There are also some serious medical conditions that can cause fluctuating blood pressure. See your doctor to discuss further evaluation and treatment. Read more...