Is androstenedione an illegal anabolic steroid?

Yes. The international olympic committee banned androstenedione in 1997 and placed it under the category of androgenic-anabolic steroids. On april 11, 2004, the United States food and drug administration banned the sale of androstenedione, citing that the drug poses significant health risks commonly associated with steroids. (info from wikipedia).

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I'm looking into anabolic steroids. I know their illegal I just want a doctors take on the use of them and if I should use them I'm 6'4 165lds and 21?

NO!! Too many problems, side effects and long range health issues with taking steroids. I would consider a personal trainer who can coach you and exercise and nutrition for your body type.

Should I take a legal anabolic steroid?

Legal steroids? The strength is not important, as increasing doses make the weaker stronger. The problem is using Anabolic steroids for non-medical bodybuilding or weight gain. This class has serious emotional and physical side effects and should be used for medical problems under strict medical supervision.
Not for bodybuilding. I've been around gyms for forty years. If you are not a member of the cult of bodybuilders who want to look grotesque, you will regret any experimenting. The vast majority of women prefer a naturally-fit man. Using 'roids is cheating even if it is lawful. It may affect your mind and cause you to do something you'll regret for the rest of your life -- you may horrify yourself. Please don't.

Could I gain weight with anabolic steroids?

Yes, but............ And you will also increase your risk of cardiac disease, testicular atrophy and impotence and baldness and certain cancers. You think the trade-off is worth it?

Someone I know wants to use anabolic steroids?

Bad idea. Anabolic steroids have lots and lots of nasty effects, including causing psychotic reactions, testicular atrophy, infertility, and heart disease. If you have any influence over this "someone, " tell them it's not worth it. In professional and even semi-professional sports, they are testing for it everywhere. Whatever improvement in muscle strength, bulk etc. Can be achieved by good diet;exercise.

Hello sir I want to know about anabolic steroids?

BiggerIssue: what is. Not known. Study: https://www. Google. Com/#q=anabolic%20steroids & realize these, like all steroids, are derivatives of cholesterol, ones with testosterone like responses. No precise answers because only single or combination of molecules. Thus the hugely larger issues are responses, short to long-term of adding these (& bypassing GI tract protection) into the complex vehicle/body you are driving.
What's to know? I've been around gyms for decades, and every ordinary fitness-guy that I know who's tried them would urge others not to. The aggression can cause you to do something impulsively that you'll regret horribly; the depression after can land you in the mental ward. Most women prefer a naturally fit man and can tell -- and not just from your shrunken testicles. Please be careful, man, and choose wisely.

I have chemical effects on your body when using anabolic steroids, any suggestions?

How about stopping? Anabolic steroids are dangerous drugs which are not ultimately worth the risks of increasing muscle mass, which is why I assume you are using them. Even when prescribed, they have a ton of potential side effects, and when obtained illicitly, there are purity and adulterant issues as well. They can produce both physical and mental side effects, up to psychotic reactions and liver cancer.

What should I expect after injecting anabolic steroids?

Anabolic steroids. Please go on-line to "www. Drugabuse. Gov/public" Unless a doctor has documented that you have a low testosterone level it is foolhardy to use anabolic steroids. You should be aware of the athletes who have got themselves into trouble by using anabolic steroids.
Regrets. I've been around gyms for decades. Of the ordinary fitness-guys I know who've tried them, all have said they were sorry. The emotional roller-coaster, the risk of doing something you'll be terribly sorry for, and just having your testicles shrink aren't worth it. It's cheating, and most women prefer a naturally fit man and can tell. You don't want this.

Could I explode on anabolic steroid?

Explode?????????? You mean like spontaneous combustion? I have no idea what you are really asking, but can only say that anabolic steroids, when used for proper indications by people who know what they are doing are very difficult drugs to manage, with tons of side effects. When used for bodybuilding by lay people they are more dangerous yet. Liver damage, liver cancer, psychosis and many other side effects common.
Yes. If by 'explode', you mean 'do something impulsively that you will regret horribly, terribly, for the rest of your life. It happens all too often. Please opt for natural bodybuilding -- most women prefer it, and it's legal and not cheating.

I am researching anabolic steroids for personal use and was wondering if one cycle can affect fertility?

Not a good idea. Anabolic steroids have significant long term detrimental effects and problems so it is my strong recommendation that you do not start taking them even for very small period of time unless there are actual medical reasons to do so then you should do so under supervision of your doctor good luck.