Is the atrophy of a man's testicles an effect of taking anabolic-androgenic steroids?

Yes. By taking steroids you tell your endocrine system you don't need hormones so it shuts the testicles down. They atrophy and can retract some. For more: www.Peedoc.Com @thepeedoc.

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Is the atrophy of a man's testicles permanent after taking anabolic-androgenic steroids?

How long.... Long term use will shrivel the testes of any man and also shut down the production of the lh and fsh parts of the pituitary gland, which turns on the testes.The longer on Anabolic steroids the longer to resurrect testicular function.This why steroid users, acommodating to higher than normal testosterone levels have such a hard time quiting. Their levels immediately drop to pre-pubertal levels! Read more...