How long should I stay out of the sun?

Forever. Minimal sun exposure is good for vitamin d production but in general we should avoid sun exposure as it increases risk of skin cancers and ages us prematurely!

Related Questions

I have a pretty bad sunburn. How long should I stay out of the sun now?

Be careful. Once the burn has healed. Never go out without suncscreen, a hat and sunglasses. Remember suncscreen needs to be reapplied every one to 2 hours. There is also sunprotective clothing-some of the companies are coolibar, solumbra and sunday afternnoons, and tilley hats. When you buy a hat make sure it is lightweight or you will not wear it. Read more...

For how long should I stay out of the sun after undergoing a fractional laser procedure?

Sun-exposure. After the laser treatment, your skin is more sensitive to sun damage. It is probably best to avoid heavy sun-exposure for at least 1-3 weeks after your procedure. In addition, I would recommend wearing a hat and using topical sunscreen once the skin has healed. Read more...