How do I go about getting nipple reconstruction surgery?

Nipple reconstructio. Nipple areola reconstruction can be done by sharing 1/2 of a large nipple from the non-cancerous breast, grafting it to the reconstructed breast, and incising a slight scar to create an areolar border. The nipple can also be created using the skin of the reconstructed breast to create a flap, and closing it in a sombrero shape. This is generally the last stage in breast reconstruction.
See a plastic surg. Nipple reconstruction is usually the final stage of breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction usually is multi-staged and may require many surgeries. Since there is a federal mandate for insurance companies to cover all aspects of breast cancer care - and reconstruction is deemed a necessity for cancer care... Just see your local board certified plastic surgeon for options.
Plastic surgery. It should be offered as a part of the reconstruction process following a mastectomy. If not, seek out a plastic surgeon with expertise in breast reconstruction. Your breast surgeon should be able to assist with the referral.