What is lipodissolve?

Non FDA approved. Lipodissolve is the injection of a detergent into the fat layer of the body which destroys the fat cells. This is a non-approved fda treatment.

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What are risks associated with lipodissolve?

Lipodissolve a scam? These pro ported fat dissolving injections have been around since the late 1990's. There are painful, costly, unpredictable injections. On RealSelf the approval after 230 reviews was 34% - JUST TERRIBLE. I advise avoid them.... Read more...

What are doctor's thoughts on lipodissolve? Has it worked for your patients?

Lipodissolve. Have never used it nor would i ever recommend it to anyone. My understanding is that there have been several law suits against providers and i know that the center nearest my location shut down a few years ago. Traditional liposuction is a proven and effective procedure. Coolsculpting is very popular but doesn't have as much potential as liposuction. Read more...