How much do you pay for chin liposuction surgery?

Varies. Chin or submental liposuction is a minimally invasive technique to define the jawline by removing excess fat and the appearance of a double chin. It can improve the contour of the cervicomental angle and reduce the appearance of a double chin. Risks include bleeding, infection, nerve injury, irregular contour, scarring, and need for revision.
$1500-5000. This will vary on what is done and it is unusual to perform this as an isolated procedure but coats will vary from $1500 to 5000.
Costs. Depending on the severity of fat, need for more intense surgery and type of anesthesia (office, sedation or general) your costs will vary between $1500-4500.
It depends.... It depends upon who does it (their overhead, practice type) and the environment (office/local versus operating room.) average prices would be $2000-$5000.
Not much. Depends on whether it is being done in doctors office under local anesthesia or in a facility under local or general anesthesia.It doctor's office around $1000 dollar depending on region.If you have it done as an out patient in a facility you will pay a facility charge and a chargr for anesthetist.That may double your charge.