How does green tea and l-carnitine help on weight management?

Overhyped. Green tea is the latest in a long line of overhyped nutritional products. Claims include weight loss, better health, longer life, better endurance. Do not believe the hype. Yes green tea contains some anti-oxidants and phytonutrients, but it still contains caffiene which is a stimulant and has diuretic properties. Too much green tea is not good for you. L-carnitine may help certain people lose wt.
Metabolism. L-carnitine is an Amino Acid which helps in the breakdown of fat cells. Green tea has been proven to increase metabolism and assist with weight loss. Use these with a balanced protein approach and you should have success. For quality sources, feel free to see my supplement page on website.

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Does l-carnitine and green tea extract actually help lose weight. Also does ZMA do anything or more lies by supp companies?

No. If you lose weight, it will be because of your other habits, and not these supplements. The only people pushing these treatments are the makers and seller of the supplements. Stop taking these, and take your saved money and get a health fitness membership. Thai would be a better buy for your money. Exercise and an appropriate diet will be the best to lose weight. Read more...