Does type 2 diabetes mean you have high or low blood sugar?

High. Type 2 is associated with Insulin resistance where your body is have trouble removing glucose out of your blood stream. Sort of a like trying to get into a house that's locked. This eventually leads to elevated blood glucose.
High. High. The word diabetes mellitus means you have diabetes. The types depend on whether your were born without the ability to produce Insulin or use Insulin your do produce (type 1) or whether you developed the ability to produce enough insulin, or you developed a resistance to Insulin effects (and became intolerant to carbohydrates) some time later in life (type ii).

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What do you do when you have type 2 diabetes and you have low blood sugar levels?

Triad adjustment. #1 adjust eating intervals with the proper diet. #2 adjust exercise regimens to fuel during or after. #3 adjust medication dosages and types (oral agents or insulin) talk to your md about the low blood sugar levels and the above to make the necessary adjustments.
Diet/Medication. Low blood sugar is very common in patients with type 2 diabetes. It is the result of high Insulin output, especially when stimulated by particularly starchy or sugary food. A nutritionist will help modify your diet. Additionally, if you're on any diabetes medication, that may also be causing your lows. You should discuss with your doctor as you may need to have your meds adjusted.
Eat something. If you have a hypoglycemic episode, the following is reasonable: 1.) check your blood sugar (to document the low blood sugar) 2.) take 1/2 cup of orange juice. Alternatives are glucose tabs, glucagon injections, hard candy, etc. Just try not to over-do it. 3.) eat a meal. If this is recurrent, please discuss with your doctor as your medications/insulin likely needs to be adjusted.

I really need to be educated on type 2 diabetes. My blood sugar is either too low or high. When should I take. My metformin. 166 two hr after eating.

Lose the weight. The first part of treating diabetes is to lose weight. I know how difficult that can be but I'm just saying. Your medicine, metformin, is taken two times a day with food. The most important test which is done by the doctor is called hemoglobin A 1 C and its value should be from 6.7-7.5% It can be lower with great control but its the most important.

My husband has type 2 diabetes. Yesterday he went on a two mile hike. His night time blood sugar we're high and still elevated this morning. Why?

Stress. Sometimes when diabetic patients undergo stress (prolonged exercise for example) stress hormones (cortisol and adrenalin) can increase glucose. However it is still important for him to follow up with his doctor because it does not appear that the exercise he did was particularly stressful. In general patients with type 2 diabetes experience hypoglycemia (low sugar) in response to exercise.
Complicated disease. Diabetes is a complicated disease and often doesn't work the way we expect. You'd think that after exercise, the blood sugar would be good - but he could run a marathon and still have an elevated blood sugar after. It's a combo of how much Insulin he's producing and his muscles' sensitivity to insulin. Over weeks to months of exercise, he will see a change in his fasting sugars, so keep it up!

How painful is it to die from high blood sugar if you have type 2 diabetes?

No. As a rule of thumb, people don't die from high sugar nowadays provided that care is right and given timely. It is low sugar that has incomparably more chances to lead to death, even for patient in the hospital.

How can you manage my high blood sugar and make it regular when having type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes. Take your medication as prescribed. Check your blood sugar just before breakfast and just before lunch. Document your food intake and your two blood sugar levels. If the levels are close to each but both are high you can either take more pre-breakfast medication and/or change your eating habits. Once this is controlled do the same for breakfast and dinner.

Can high blood sugar levels lead to type 2 diabetes?

Yes. Extended exposure to elevated blood sugars can desensitize Insulin receptors in your body, leading to difficulty in blood sugar crossing from the blood stream into the cell. The cells then sense that blood sugars are low inside the cell, thus causing the pancreas to increase Insulin levels to normalize the sugar inside the cell. Over years, this high Insulin state leads to type 2 diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes. High blood sugar levels are the definition of diabetes. Be it type 1 or type 2 diabetes, the result is an inability of the body to regulate blood sugar levels which results in hyperglycemia. Having high blood sugar does not cause diabetes.

Could you tell me if there is no other sign exept high blood sugar levels, can that be type 2 diabetes?

Yes. Yes, type 2 diabetes can be "clinically silent, " meaning you may not have any symptoms at all. The only sign that you have it may be the high blood sugar levels. This is very common! It is very important to treat the diabetes now, early on, before any symptoms or complications develop.

I have type 2 diabetes how do I know if my blood sugar is too low? I'm only allowed to test once a day.

Don't trust symptoms. Symptoms are extremely unreliable. Most people cannot tell what their blood sugar is, although they all think they can. Only trust your glucose monitoring unless it's unavailable. You can test as often as your doctor authorizes. Talk with them. Don't let your insurance company control your health and disease!
Hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia can be a very troubling, even dangerous complication of treatment. But your risk may be very low. Some diabetes medications (eg. Glipizide, insulin) can cause hypo, while others (metformin, actos) usually don't. If you a1c is high, then you are probably not getting hypo. Hypo usually causes symptoms that you will recognize: sweats, palpitations, headache, confusion. Talk to your doc.

I have type 2 diabetes. I take meds and have lost 11 pounds. Lately my blood sugar has been high. I thought weight loss was good for diabetes?

Maybe diet,,, Losing weight is very good and it's important to keep it up and keep the weight off, but what you eat may also be just as important. If you haven't already, try to stay away from foods high in carbs like bread and pastries and eat more proteins and vegetables. Some meds like Lisinopril can affect liver function. You can see your dr. For a type ii diabetes med to help lower your sugar.
Interesting. I don't see any medications for diabetes in your med list. Unless contraindicated I would think metformin would be a good choice. It will help with weightloss, keep your blood sugars more stable, and is one of the mainstays of diabetic treatment. Tracking your ha1c will be a more accurate predictor of overall control. Think of the range 70-180 (green zone):).
It is! However, poor glucose control will cause weight loss. So, it is possible the reason you're losing weight is because your sugar is poorly controlled.