How long should I wait before a revision rhinoplasty and should I go back to original surgeon?

It depends. In general you should wait at least 6 months and perhaps a year before having revision rhinoplasty. This all depends on the kind of problem you are having. Small bumps in the bone can be revised fairly soon but problems around the tip may take longer to heal. If you liked your surgeon to begin with, then you should go back to him or her.Even the best surgeons have to revise some of their cases.
Revision nasal surg. Final results from nasal surgery takes time therefore the early minor issues will likely resolve by 6-12 months.Most experienced aesthetic surgeons would have discussed this with you upfront as a small percentage of patients do require minor revisions down the line.Your original surgeon can likely address your concerns and should be your first option.Seeking another opinion makes you more informed.
~12 months; maybe. Revision rhinoplasty can be a very challenging operation, even for a skilled surgeon. Attempting revision surgery before the tissues have settled from the initial surgery can make the surgery more difficult and increase the risk of complications. You must assess whether your surgeon is comfortable with revision rhinoplasty and if he/she seems confident about making the needed correction(s).
Depends. You should generally wait 6 months to a year prior to revision rhinoplasty. Also i usually recommend at least discussing with your surgeon what bothers you about the surgery to see if anything could or should be done to revise it.
1 year. Typically, you should wait a year before attempting to perform revision rhinoplasty. Believe it or not, the tip swelling may take this long to come resolve! if you had a good relationship with your original surgeon, you should revisit your concerns with him/her. If the relationship was poor, you might feel more comfortable seeking another opinion, but should still consider seeing your original dr.
Revision Rhinoplasty. Healing after rhinoplasty takes patience. I agree with giving it atleast 6 months and often closer to a year. As to whether you go back to the original surgeon that is your call. Go with what your gut tells you. Even the "best" of us have had revisions. Nobody knows what went on the first time better than the original surgeon but if the rapport isn't there sometimes it's better to move on.
Talk to your doctor. Rhinoplasty results can take a long time to see due to swelling and contracture of the wound. This time varies depending on many factors like extent of surgery, skin thickness, prior trauma, wound healing, general health, diet and exercise. The timing of revision can vary widely and is best determined by your surgeon. Seeking other opinions is encouraged by most experienced rhinoplasty surgeons.
Depends. It is generally best to wait a year before making any decisions about revision rhinoplasty. Rare exceptions would be in those situations in which there is an obvious and certain deformity that needs immediate attention. It is always best to work with your original surgeon unless you have lost confidence and that confidence cannot be restored.
Revision rhinoplasty. Wait at least one year as many irregularities are from swelling and disappear with time. Always follow up with your original surgeon during the healing phase and discuss your concerns.
At least a year. You will see changes in your appearance over the first year after your surgery. Except in very exceptional circumstances, you want to wait at least that long before consider revision. Be sure to bring up your concerns to your primary surgeon, as he/she can guide your expectations. Sometimes your concerns can be treated in the office. Don't hesitate to get a second opinion however. Best wishes!