Can folic acid deficiency cause neurological symptoms?

Yes, Absolutely!! Folic acid is a critical co-factor in key neurochemical reactions in the brain in many different neurological pathways. Thus, yes, it can definitely cause neurogic sumptoms Folic Acid 1mg or 1000mcg daily should be adequate supplementation :).

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Please tell me can folic acid deficiency cause neurological symptoms like schizophrenia?

Currently unknown. It is currently unknown what causes schizophrenia. As of now there is no known psychiatric or neurological symptoms in otherwise normal adults from folate (folic acid) deficiency other than anemia. B12 deficiency has been known for a long time to cause cognitive problems but not folate (folic acid)

Can folic acid deficiency cause schizophrenia?

Not Schizophrenia. Folic acid deficiency doesn't cause schizophrenia. Sometime it is associated with dementia like symptoms. Folic acid supplement may help the efficacy of anti-psychotic medication used in treatment of schizophrenia.

Might folic acid deficiency cause periods to stop?

It shouldn't. Folate (folic acid) deficiency is associated with anemia (low hemoglobin, which is a protein in the red blood cells that carries oxygen.) it is not a cause of amenorrhea. Far and away the most common cause of absent periods is pregnancy, but it can be cause by lots of other things, including hormonal imbalance.

Will a folic acid deficiency cause canker sores?

It can. Folic acid/folate deficiency can cause canker sores, red painful tongue, irritation/cracking at the corners of the mouth, and a type of anemia. One of the main sources of Folic Acid in the diet is from green leafy vegetables. Folic acid deficiency severe enough to cause symptoms generally requires a very poor diet, alcohol use, or is a side effect of medications like Phenytoin or methotrexate.
Possibly. It can be one of a number of contributing factors. Either consume foods high in Folic Acid or see your physician to help you determine if you are low.

Does folic acid deficiency cause irreversible nervous system damage?

Not usually, but. Do you really have Folic Acid deficiency? If so, you could have elevation of homocysteine, which could be a risk of heart attack and/or stroke. If this is the case, have your doc check for an mthfr (tt or ct allele genetic condition), as this could be quite a problem if not addressed. The tt is relatively uncommon, but must be treated.

Can folate (folic acid) deficiency cause pregnancy loss?

Yes please OBGyn. The first three months are crucial mother is weaving the baby and brain formation with spinal cord so Folic Acid is very critical so not only can lead to all kind to neural tube defects and endangerment of major brain disorders spina bifida but also life threatening please have regular antenatal clinic if she does not like tabs they have high folate (folic acid) diets with supplements.
Sure. Folate (folic acid) is essential for rapidly replicating tissues, such as the early embryo and placenta. Folate (folic acid) deficiency can certainly increase your chances of early pregnancy failure - in fact folate (folic acid) antagonist Methotrexate is used for that specific reason in cases of ectopic pregnancy. Take 1-5 mg Folic Acid daily throughout your reproductive life!

Can a folate (folic acid) deficiency cause prenatal health problems?

Folate (folic acid) Folate (folic acid) is critical to fetal development particularly formation of the nervous system.

What would cause folate (folic acid) deficiency in an 18 y/o male?

Inadequate diet. This is caused by not eating enough foods rich in folate: dark leafy greens (spinach), beans & lentils, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli. You can also obtain folate from supplements, though most supps have folic acid, a synthetic form you need to convert to folate. 1/3 of people can't make that conversion & thus should take l-5-mthf. See http://www. Whfoods. Com/genpage. Php? Tname=nutrient&dbid=63.