How long does it take to heal a toe amputation if you have very limited blood circulation?

Varies. If there is infection there may be a greater chance for delayed healing if there is no infection the lack of circulation is proportional to the time it takes to heel. Less circulation means more time.
Depends. It depends on how limited the circulation is. There are tests that can help predict if you have enough to heal the surgery site such as transcutaneous oxygen measurements (tcoms), and pulse volume recordings (pvr's). If you do not have enough circulation to heal, you need to see a vascular specialists to see if it can be improved otherwise you may need further amputation.
Age and circulation! It depends on your health and why you are having the procedure.Infection, diabetes, circulation are all factors. There is no set healing time.
DO NOTHING. After doing this a long time, I've found doing nothing is sometimes better than doing something. Procedures like a stent or bypass in the leg does not necessarily help toe circulation. If your toe has dry gangrene, in select cases, I'll just watch it to make sure an infection isn't spreading. It may sound gross, and it can take awhile, but I'll just let it fall off on its own. Good luck.

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How long does it take a toe amputation to heal in patient with limited blood circulation?

Depends. I would usually sau about 4 weeks but if there is severe compromise it could take longer. Read more...
Deends on other fact. Why are you having the toe removed.If it is because of circulation it could be a very long time if at all. Add diabetes or other problems and ? Everyone is different..Discuss this with your doctor. Read more...