What should I do if I have the HPV high risk?

Get your Pap. If you have a high risk hpv, like types 16 and 18, it would be wise to be diligent about getting your pap smear screen every year, since this detects and leads to removal of cervical cancer. This cancer is strongly correlated with exposure to hpv, and this test is relatively easy to do.
Regular follow-up. This is not something you can change or cure. You at least are aware you have more risk of cervical cancer than the general population (a good motivator).It can take years/decades for that to happen if it ever does. In the mean time you have surveillance pap smears to detect any changes early when they can be treated/cured. Women have been going for pap's long before we had an idea of why, you do.

Related Questions

What do people do with HPV high risk serotypes?

Follow closely. Any hrhpv virus has the potential to progress to high grade dysplasia or cancer, so repeat pap smears and colposcopies are important until the pap is normal & the hpv goes away. This may happen spontaneously or as the result of a treatment like a leep.

Hpv high risk: male exposed to it but how does he know if he then is carrying it?

Doesn't know. We don't not have a good way of testing men for hpv. It is safest to assume it has been transmitted, and to always use condoms.

Can all hpv- high risk cause cancer?

That's why the name. There are hundreds of strains of HPV. Many can trigger benign conditions in humans and are seldom given more than a passing notice. The high risk strains get that name for a reason. They have been tied to cancer, while the others have not. The percentage of each strain causing specific cancers vary in the studies available.

If the female who's HPV high risk with cervical dsyplasma transmitt it by giving oral sex to the male.

No. If a woman has high risk hpv on her cervix, that doesn't mean she necessarily has been exposed to hpv orally. She would have to have had oral sex with a man. The virus doesn't travel through blood stream, it's skin to skin contact/transmittal. More partners means increased risk of hpv for both oral and cervical. Smoking also increases risk for both. Hope that helps!

What does ascus with HPV high risk mean on pap?

Needs evaluation. Ascus stands for atypical cells of uncertain significance. The pap smear is a screening test that samples cervical cells imperfectly. In the presence of hrhpv, a dysplastic or precancer lesion may possibly be present, even though the pap smear didn't show dysplastic cells. For that reason, a colposcopy looking at the cervix with a microscope should be done with biopsies of suspicious areas.