Is there a way to be deficient in vitamin b1?

Yes. It' s rare to be deficient in thiamine, but alcoholics, people with crohn' s disease, anorexia, and those undergoing kidney dialysis may be deficient. Symptoms of thiamine deficiency are fatigue, irritability, depression and abdominal discomfort. More acutely, you can see confusion, ataxia, and eye movement paralysis. Without rapid treatment, the person can become comatose, and ultimately die.

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Is vitamin b1 deficiency something that leads to a bigger hangover?

Probably. This hasn't been well-researched but is probably the case. Regular heavy alcohol use is associated with b1 deficiency which can cause alcohol-related brain damage.B1 plays a role in metabolizing alcohol. Many people have found that taking b complex vitamins reduces hangover symptoms.However, hangover is a sign of toxicity from excess alcohol use; i strongly advise limiting alcohol to 2 drinks/day. Read more...

Hi drs.....What are the signs that indicate some one has B12 deficiency? Do vitamin b1+b6+b12 deficiency have the same signs as B12 deficiency?

Get checked. Glad you asked. B1 deficiency is rare in people on a diet anywhere close to normal, and b6 deficiency is even less familiar to medicine. B12 deficiency, by contrast, is famously subtle. It is likely to be relatively low in your diet if you're a vegetarian, and several common illnesses prevent its being absorbed through the gut. Simply feeling unwell or slowed mentally precedes the numb fingers. Read more...