How long to recover from shoulder impingement surgery?

2-3 months. 2-3 months for complete recovery. If cuff repair performed at same surgery, then 4-6 months for complete recovery.

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Having shoulder impingement surgery leaves you out of action for how long?

4-6 wks. Arthroscopic shoulder impingement surgery should be done as an outpatient, and motion should begin in a few days. Most patients regain full motion in 1-2 weeks and full strength in about 6 wks. Throwing should be comfortable by 3 months.
About 3 months. When done arthroscopicaly, recovery is very rapid. Usually, therapy will start 2 weeks after surgery. As long as the rotator cuff does not need to be repaired, most are able to use there arm in a month. By three months, most people are back to normal activities. The surgery involves removal of the inflamed bursal tissue and osteophytes called an acromioplasty.

I have booked in for shoulder impingement surgery. Have been reading some negative comments online re: pain and problems long-term post-op. What can i?

Not common. Discuss with the surgeon. Let him go over MRI pictures with you and what he is doing, what you need to do and expected timeline. Be informed.
Exercise. Make sure you have given adequate time for conservative management including diligent exercise program. Often resolves itself. If requires surgery for impingement, make sure there is visualized downsloping of acromion or spurring under ac joint. Results are generally quite good if there is specific pathology.

What is surgery time for shoulder impingement surgery?

About an hour. Most impingement surgery should be done in about an hour. If the rotator cuff needs to be repaired, then an additional hour may be required.
1hr to scope. Typically this arthroscopic procedure takes about an hour and can be done with a combination of regional/general anesthetic. The inflamed bursa and bone spurs are removed. Therapy starts about 2 weeks after surgery and full recovery is 3-4 months.

What type of recovery for shoulder impingement surgery?

2-3 months. Typical shoulder impingement surgery, without cuff repair, will have rapid recovery and early active rehab. Therapy is usually started within the week of surgery and restoration of full range of motion is expected within 4 weeks. Strength takes 2-3 months to return. If cuff repair also performed, then the recovery is much slower, with active rehab allowed to start usually 4-8 weeks postop.
About 3 months. This procedure is typically done arthroscopicaly as an outpatient. Physical therapy is usually needed after surgery and starts about 2 weeks after the procedure. Full recovery is about 3-4 months.
Diagnosis Dependent. Although shoulder impingement is a very common diagnosis, you may be interested to learn that the commonly held belief by many patients and surgeons that a "spur" is cutting into the rotator cuff is not the most current thinking. So make sure you are comfortable you have the correct diagnosis before considering shoulder surgery. Learn more here: http://www. Theshouldercenter. Com/shoulderpain/2010.