What is a good home remedy or OTC medication for headache?

Advil (ibuprofen) You can try to sleep it off. Sometimes people find eating protein alleviates migraine. Warm compresses or cold (whatever works). Massage, neck stretches (depending on where & what kind of headache). Caffeine (tea, soda, coffee). Advil, aleve (naproxen). Eccedrin in my opinion= most effective otc but also most total medicine (aspirin + Acetaminophen + caffeine). Assuming its safe for u to take nsaids.

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What is good home remedy or OTC medication for migranes? My sister has had migranes for over a month and says she sees black spots..

Excedrin migraine. Very often this helps. It combines Aspirin and Acetaminophen with caffeine in combination.
? Excedrin Migrain. You can try Excedrin migraine but I would reccomend that she see a neurologist or headache specialist asap if these headaches are new in onset. At any rate, it is much easier to prevent migraines than it is to treat them if they are frequent. It is very easy to transform regular migraines to a chronic daily headache or rebound headache if not treated correctly.