Is type 1 diabetes contagious?

No. Though type 1 diabetes is often triggered by a viral infection that attacks the gland that makes insulin, the vast majority of people getting that same virus have a simple illness & don't get it.T1dm actually comes up weeks after the illness. Once a person has it, they don't give it to others like they might pass a cold or strep.
No. Although there can be genetic (family) components to type 1 diabetes (although not as much as type 2), the disease itself cannot be transmitted from person to person. That being said, the exact cause of type 1 diabetes is not known, and there could even be a virus involved in its origins, although strictly speaking the disease is definitely not contagious.

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Is type 1 diabetes contagious in any way?

No. You do not catch diabetes from diabetics. Type 1 diabetes is autoimmune, but it is thought that there is a trigger (in susceptible people). Among the possible triggers could be a virus, but it would be a common virus that we all have exposure to, not a specific "diabetes virus", but this is an area of intense research. Read more...