Can asthma or allergies trigger skin abnormalities?

Very much so. One of the manifestations of allergies can be cutaneous(skin manifestations) like with eczema(atopic dermatitis) or hives(urticaria).
Atopic dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis (eczema) is frequently seen in patients who also suffer from asthma and allergies. It is not clear if they trigger it, if that they are just linked together genetically.

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Is it possible for asthma to trigger skin abnormalities?

Unlikely. Asthma is a lung condition with mucus production, airway twitchiness, swelling, and inflammation that has symptoms of cough, wheeze, chest tightness and/or shortness of breath. No particular skin abnormalities are triggered by asthma, although patients with allergic asthma may have other atopic conditions such as eczema (atopic dermatitis). Read more...
Maybe not, however. In many asthmatics, allergies are the trigger that causes attacks. These same allergies can cause skin rashes, etc. Best to be tested so that you can at least try to avoid the things that are causing your asthma nad rashes. Read more...