Cancer detected in a thyroid biopsy?

Needs thyroidectomy. If your needle biopsy revealed cancer, your need to proceed with thyroidectomy. Needle cytology is very accurate when carcinoma is detected. Most thyroid cancers are curable if treated appropriately.
Usually surgery. Papillary cancer is most common type, and treatment is usually total throidectomy, and removal of lymph nodes from under the thyroid gland (technically level 6 cervical nodes). Radioactive iodine is used in selected patients after surgery.

Related Questions

I had a thyroid biopsy of a single nodule which shows dysplasia. Could it still be cancer if it shows precancerous cells on biopsy?

It could be. Thyroid nodules are quite common. Many of them are benign but cancer is not uncommon in the thyroid gland. The needle biopsy can misread them. So the safest course is to have excision removal anytime there is suspicion like in your case: dysplasia, usually implies abnormal cells which can be cancerous. Read more...

Had lump on thyroid biopsy came back ok. Another lump came up within 3 weeks now had partial thyroidectomy. What's the chance new lump is cancer?

Not high. Off course the risk for someone to develop cancer will depend on different things like your personal history, your family history, history of radiation the neck area, environmental exposure etc. Majority of the thyroid nodule is benign. The risk for thyroid nodule to become cancerous is only about 5-10%. Discuss further with your doctor. Read more...

Could it be cancer? My thyroid levels have been off so they did the ultrasound and found nodules. Thyroid biopsy results showing follicular lesion

You need an expert. A Thyroid specialist can help you to determine if the nodules in your Thyroid are benign or Cancerous. Ask your doctor to refer you to an endocrinologist. A second opinion always helps if your doctor has not been able to sort things out for you clearly . Read more...