We have a 65 year old male cancer patient with the hiccups for days. How can we stop them?

Find out cause. My first advice would be to find out the cause. Hiccups can be related to any type of irritation of the diaphgram, including tumor growth or metastasis. You can also get hiccups from a pleural effusion. If you can't find the cause, then I have used low-dose Chlorpromazine at a dose of 25 mg by mouth 3-4 times per day to be effective. This medication can have other serious side effects.
What is the cause? What kind of cancer? Is he on chemotherapy? Is there any liver metastases? Phrenic nerve irritation? Other cause? Promethazine, baclofen, haloperidol, metochlorperamide have been used to treat hiccups.I think, it is very important to know what the cause is.