What are the side effects of diabetes?

Complications. Complications of diabetes, which can be silent (you don't feel the damage of diabetes) and can include eye damage, heart disease (heart attacks), stroke, kidney damage, and nerve damage.
Many. There are many complications of diabetes. Mostly vascular, macro and micro- heart disease, kidney failure, peripheral vascular disease, eye problems, infections etc.

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What are the main side effects of diabetes? Is it normal for a nineteen year old to feel these symptoms, ? It is in my family history

Many. Do not wait for small (blindness, kidney failure, or foot amputation) or large (heart attacks or stroke) blood vessel diseases. If you family history puts you at risk do not wait for symptoms, have your doctor check your blood sugar.

What are the most common side effects of diabetes?

poorly controlled. Then suffer with eye disease-blindness risk; nerve disease- limb ulcers, infections -amputations; kidney disease-dialsis; heart attacks, strokes. But if well controlled can markedly reduce risk of all of these, and have normal life, no complications, normal life span.

What are the side effects of taking tablets for diabetes?

Depends. Therr are many types of diabetic medicines with many potential side effects. Please specify which med.
Improved Blood Sugar. By tablets I am assuming you are on an oral diabetic medication. The primary effect is lowered blood sugar levels and improved health when used properly. Adverse effects are numerous, and your pharmacist and doctor can help you with this. However, common side-effects include nausea (any pill can cause this), an allergic reaction, and excessively low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).