Does sugar cause diabetes?

No. Sugar by itself does not cause diabetes. Diabetes is the inability to metabolize sugar due to lack / resistance to insulin; the pancreas produce Insulin among other hormones which help in the metabolism of glucose (sugar); those who consume lots of sugar may cause their pancreas to over work and if they were prone to diabetes may develop the disease earlier. Obesity may cause resistance to insulin.

Related Questions

Does muscovado sugar cause diabetes?

Not in itself. No sugar causes diabetes. You must have genetic predisposition for the several factors that cause you to be a diabetic. Muscovado sugar is simply an unrefined type of dark sugar and is no different concerning its affect on the glycemic index than any other sugar.

My question is, does eating too much sugar cause diabetes?

No. In normal situations, that can not be mantained as a truth. However, in presence of tendency to it, risk factors like obesity, family history, it will certainly contribute to make things worse. On the othr hand, eating healthy and using mostly natural (eg from fruits) sugars, in the right proportions, is a much better idea which might decrease probabilities or acquiring or worsening diabetes.