Has anyone had a bladder sling surgery for incontinence and then later on had a successful pregnancy?

Yes. Normal pregnancies can follow incontinence surgery. However, delivery can damage the incontinence repair and cause you to leak again. Repeat surgeries tend to be less effective than initial repairs. It is best to treat incontinence with conservative measures and delay surgery until you are done having children.
Yes. Getting pregnant is not the problem. Urinary retention, pelvic trauma and fda guidelines are. You are likely to end up with a catheter for the second half of your pregnancy and will have to have a c-section. A doc putting one in knowing u were planning to get pregnant would be committing malpractice. The sling would be more likely to erode into ur bladder urethra and cause long term problems.

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Is bladder sling surgery for incontinence usually outpatient surgery or does it usually require a hospital stay?

Here are some... An eventful bladder sling procedures can be done as outpatients for most cases, but final decision is reached through joint effort between patients & surgeons reflecting the level of professional proficiency, confidence, and patient's expectation and coping ability. Hence, ask and talk with your surgeon as the most reasonable way to gain reasonable answer. Read more...

Does the bladder sling surgery stop urinary incontinence caused by Prostate surgery?

See remark. There are bladder slings that help in male incontinence following prostate surgery...but the results are not as good as when placing slings in female incontinence. Read more...