How can I get my blood platelet count go down, if it's been a bit high on 2 blood tests?

Depends. Depends on cause. Post splenectomy, not much u can do. Aspirin is indicated for really high counts but u need to discuss this with ur doctor. At times, Hydroxyurea can b used but again ur doctor will look at the cause and then decide the treatment.
Thrombocytosis. The most common cause of an elevated platelet count is iron deficiency anemia. Some people are born with thrombocytosis. Other causes include chronic infection or inflammation, metastatic cancer, and essential thrombocythemia, a bone marrow disorder which causes excessive production of platelets. For the correct diagnosis and treatment, you will need to see a hematologist.

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Can you tell me how I could get my blood platelet count go down?

Why? What number now? Why is it ??high? If it is. Any prior trauma? Surgery, spleen removal? Need diagnosis and then treatment choices will follow. Read more...