How much does a tumescent liposuction cost? How well does it work?

Tumescent lipo. The cost depends on many factors, not the least of which is the area and extent of treatment as well as geography. It is liposuction and it is effective in removing the subcutaneous fat. Nearly all liposuction presently performed is a variation of tumescent or super wet techniques regardless of the use of other technologies such as LASER or U.S.
Liposuction cost. Varies greatly by area of the country. It works wonderful for most patients. In my experience it is the most successful and safest form of liposuction for most patients. Make sure to consult a cosmetic surgeon who has done thousands of cases and does them often. .
Liposuction cost . Liposuction works well but it is important that the patient understands that it can only remove a relatively small amount of fat below the skin and is not a weight loss treatment. A consultation with your surgeon should make it clear what one can realistic expect. A very general ballpark cost estimate for each area of liposuction is $2000-$3000 per area total cost.
Variable. This is highly dependent on how many areas need to be treated, because this determines surgical time and costs.
Liposuction cost. A very general ballpark total cost estimate for each area of liposuction is $2000-$3000 per area, assuming about one hour for each area. Common areas are : stomach, flanks, love handles, upper back, posterior triangle. Dr ricardo rodriguez baltimore, maryland.
Cost varies w extent. The cost of tumescent liposuction will vary by the extent and number of areas treated. Having said that, it makes sense taht a 30 minute operation will not cost the same as a 4 hour operation. So prices can vary from $1500 up to $15, 000.