Umbilical cord stem cell collection is available everywhere now?

Less used that fat. Use of adult mesenchymal stem-stromal cells (mscs) are currently in clinical trial in us/internationally. Trend is toward use of fat derived mscs, havested by liposuction, isolated and concentrated in tissue culture. Early reports suggest significant improvement in neurological, autoimmune and organ functions. Many more mscs in fat than bone marrow making ad-msc the center of most research now.

Related Questions

Does anybody know of any umbilical cord stem cell transplants successful for brain injuries?

Research ongoing. German researchers are looking at this idea using rats that suffered brain damage from too little oxygen. Their results are promising. However, even if it works out well in similar studies, it will be several years before it would be tested in humans.

What are stem cells used for from umbilical cord?

Cord stem cell use. These early cells can be used for a variety of testing, but one of the most important is understanding what extracellular signals induce the stem cells to differentiate into a particular cell type.

Why is it that stem cells from the umbilical cord are usually rejected?

Cure all. They have two characteristic : 1-self renewal. (another stem cell) 2-self differentiation (2 different cells).

How do the stem cells from umbilical cord blood stem cells differ from umbilical cord?

They are the same. You drain blood from umblical cord and collect cd34 + cells for transplant.

Is it possible that stem cell created from umbilical cord blood can help muscular dystrophy?

Possibly. Umbilical cord stem cells can turn into muscle cells under test tube conditions, and in animal models of muscular dystrophy (md) have been shown to improve function, increase strength, and reduce the high levels of muscle enzymes seen in md patients. There have also been rare case reports of positive effects in young boys with md. Clinical trials are currently underway in china and india.

Why are umbilical cord stem cells sometimes uses along with donor cells in an allogeneic bone marrow transplant?

One of the other. Stem cells can be obtained from 3 different sources: from Bone marrow of the Donor, blood of the donor or stem cells from umbilical cord. But we have to give an adequate number (Dose) of stem cells in order to have full protection. So combining them may only be needed because of inadequate number of stem cells from one of the sources.