Who is the best revision rhinoplasty surgeon in southern california area?

Revision rhinoplasty. You have to research and find the board certified surgeons you feel that you have a good rapport with. Some names that you should look at are Drs Solieman and Litner, as well as Dr. Frankel. Also, don't forget that there are non surgical options as well for nasal contour correction. Half of our Non Surgical Rhinoplasty patients are revision cases who wish to avoid going under the knife again.
It's relative. The "best" surgeon may not necessarily mean the best for you. The best thing that you can do is research your procedure, know specifically what issues you have with your nose, and speak to someone who is board certified in that specialty. Ask to see photos and getting recommendations from other patients.
There are plenty but. There are plenty of great revision rhinoplasty surgeons everywhere but for every great one there are 3 bad ones usually so do lots of research and see multiple doctors and dont buy the online raves and hype or the online rants. Rollin daniel is very well known but that does not mean that each nose that he does ends up textbook perfect. None of us get perfect results all the time.
Many. Get multiple opinions from experienced rhinoplasty surgeons to see who you are comfortable with and ask friends who have had successful surgery in your area.