Is there a proper technique to perform a fingerstick glucose test?

Not really. Hi. It's so easy, it's like falling outta bed! Hands should be clean, but unless you have a dirty job, no one washes just for testing if your hands are reasonably clean. Don't dip your fingers in honey over the test site; glucose on the skin would, of course, influence results. Otherwise, no special routine. No one uses alcohol pads (like they do at doctors offices, etc). It's SO easy! Good luck!
See below. General guidelines. For testing blood sugar .Wash hands with soap and warmwater. Dry hands. Prepare the lancing device by inserting a fresh lancet. Prepare the blood glucose meter and test strip use the lancing device to obtain a small drop of blood from your fingertip. The blood drop to the test strip in the blood glucose meter. The results will be displayed on the meter after several seconds.