Has anyone had fraxel laser surgery for skin problems, and was it good and effective?

Scars, This is effective for depressed or raised scars from acne, surgical scars, vertical wrinkles on the lip, and wrinkles on the cheeks, and lower eyelids. Healing with the fractionated ervium is 3-4 days, although redness may persist for 1-2 weeks. The results are permanent and worthwhile.
Effective. Faxel is very effective for the sun damage on light skin colored patients. The careful follow up and treatment protocol on darker skin.

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Fractal laser surgery v fraxel laser surgery I have deep depression scarring and ice pick scarring. What is the difference between fractal laser surgery and fraxel laser surgery? Which one would be best for my type of scarring?

Fractional . Fractional laser that is based on a series is your best option - and most people choose a laser that is low downtime. We have specific experience with fraxel, so our opinion is of course weighted to what we know. By having sequential procedures over a number of months, your collagen build will be stimulated multiple times. Ice pick scarring is especially difficult to improve, even with lasers. Sometimes the best option is to mix procedures. You can have tiny plugs removed that contain the icepick scar and have a suture placed so the skin grows closed inside. You may have a small line scar, but it removes the icepick scar. Sometimes this is a worthwhile alternative. Deep scars which are more saucer or box shaped do well with fraxel laser - depending on the number of scars and the depth, you can expect visible improvement with a treatment program that consists of 5 or more sessions. Most all practices will discount the package pricing to make it more affordable. Unfortunately, the "cosmetic" nature of scarring means it is not covered by most insurance providers. If you choose to undertake a laser program, be sure that you follow all physician recommendations. If your skin is anything but "white", you could have post treatment pigmentation elevation. This is something to discuss with your doctor. Sunblock is mandatory with laser treatment. Read more...