How does the vaser liposuction work?

VASER lipo. Please see attached link
Ultrasonic energy. Vaser use a ultrasonic energy to break up fat globules and emulsifies the fat to make removal much easier. It can be gentler and cause less bruising the by preserving the skin's blood supply. It is particularly effective in areas with there is much fibrous tissue around the fat such as the breasts and back. It has proven to be very effective technology for the removal of fat.
VASER. Vaser liposuction uses sound waves to melt or liquefy the fat cells. The liquefied fat is then removed by liposuction. Vaser is generally less traumatic to the tissues and the extraction of the fat is done with less bruising and swelling than traditional liposuction.
Ultrasound. Vaser is an add on liposuction system that uses ultrasound to help dissolve the fat before it is removed from the body. It sounds very high tech but it is debatable as to whether it makes the results any better. There are those who feel it might be more dangerous too.
Ultrasound. Vaser liposuction works by generating heat and ultrasonic energy to melt fat and destroy fibers. It also allows for some heating of the skin which aids in contracture.
Cut out manual effrt. In liposuction, surgeon makes to and fro movement with suction canulas of various length and width under the skin through very small incisions.The end of the suction canula is connected to suction machine with tube.The too and fro movements mechanically break down the fat globules.Vaser takes over this human effort cutting down the physical exercise part of surgeon.