Is there any really proven treatment for facial wrinkles?

Many. Depending on the depth of the wrinkles many treatments exist, including retin-A, facial peels, dermabrasion, laser skin treatments, Botox, fillers and surgery. Speak to a facial plastic surgeon, general plastic surgeon, or dermatologist to discuss your options.
Yes. There are various treatments for facial wrinkles. Sunscreens & topical antioxidants help prevent wrinkles. Topical retinoids reduces fine lines. Procedural treatments include botox/dysport/xeomin, fillers, laser and light source, radio frequency, high intensity ultrasound (ultherapy), fillers, peels, microdermabration & surgery. Consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to determine best for you.
Facial Wrinkle Rx. Laser resufacing, RF, Ultherapy, and Peels are skin resurfacing techniques that are helpful. Botox or equivalent is good for dynamic wrinkles.
Wrinkles. Resurfacing procedures like lasers and chemical peels may help. And injectables like fillers and neurotoxins are another option.
Absolutely. However the best treatment for you depends on your age, the type of wrinkles, their depth, etc. Good skin care including sunblock is imperative to improve the wrinkles you have and help prevent more in the future. For the upper 1/3 of the face, Botox is a great product. For the lower face, treatments include chemical peels, ultherapy ultrasound treatments, laser treatments, facelifts, etc.
Wrinkle treatment. There are so many proven while treatments. Popular wrinkle treatments, all non-surgical are: botox, juvederm, radiesse, (dermal fillers) artefill, fraxel laser, pelleve, chemical peels, micro needling, etc.
Yes. There are several proven treatments for wrinkles. To treat wrinkles caused by muscle contraction, Botox and similar medications are very helpful. Wrinkles caused by aging and sun damage are best treated with fractional co2 laser resurfacing.