What are some side effects of mirena (levonorgestrel) (the iud)?

Bleeding or not. Some patients will have bleeding or spotting, and can have cramping, particularly the first day after insertion. However, it can also cause periods to stop altogether. They are generally very well tolerated.

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What are my chances of infertility from the mirena (levonorgestrel) iud? Is this a common side effect?

Not Great. The fertility issues with IUD's centers around infection and tubal disease. Without infection, the IUD is perfectly safe. The risk of infection is low but women with multiple sexual problems or with partners having multiple partners would be at higher risk. The hormonal aspect is not a fertility problem but can cause hormonal disruption by lowering estrogen. Some are symptomatic from this also. Read more...

I had gotten the mirena (levonorgestrel) iud a week ago today, but ever since I got this I have had sharp pain in my right side shooting into my thigh. Please help?

See Mirena (levonorgestrel) MD. Go back to the MD who inserted the Mirena (levonorgestrel) IUD and make sure that it is placed properly inside the uterus via exam, ultrasound or X-ray. The pain you are having suggests that a nerve to your thigh is being stimulated which should not occur with proper IUD placement and retention. You can vaginally place a finger in the vagina and feel for the IUD strings yourself as well. Read more...