Is one of the side effects of levoxyl (thyroxine) insomnia?

Theoretically. This is medication used to treat hypothyroid or thryoid replacement. Usually taken first thing in morning without other medications. If thyroid levels are up too high, can see insomnia. Usually the medication itself does not cause significant degree of insomnia.
Possible. Levoxyl (thyroxine) can potentially cause insomnia, especially at higher doses.

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What are the side effects of levoxyl (thyroxine) hormone?

None. If the dose is appropriate, there should be no side effects of thyroid hormone replacement. The body does not differentiate a normal amount of thyroid hormone coming from your thyroid gland or from a pill.

What are side effects of too much levoxyl (thyroxine)?

Hyperthyroid. Too much Levoxyl (thyroxine) can give you the symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Most importantly it can cause osteoporosis. You can have a rapid heart rate, tremor, diarrhea, hair loss, elevated blood pressure, anxiety and weight loss among others. It is important if you are on this medication to see your doctor regularly and check your thyroid levels.

I sent in a question earlier about being on levoxyl 200mcg. Extreme tiredness and foggy head. Also taking verapamil 80mg bid for side effects for verapamil that are serious are extreme fatigue and lack of energy. Could it be this or something else. Theses

Extreme. Extreme fatigue is a very concerning symptom. It sounds like you have significant medical conditions. Please be sure your thyroid levels have been checked recently. You may need other blood tests including to be sure you are not anemic. Please be sure that your blood pressure is running normally. Your doctor will want to know about these symptoms.