How long does the juviderm work for?

Juvederm duration. Juvederm typically lasts for 8-12 months, depending upon where it is placed. In the nasolabial folds, you should at least 8 months of correction, in the lips, at least a year, and in the glabellar fold, sometimes even indefinitely.
6-18 months. The duration of juvederm is a bit variable, depending on things such as where it is placed on the face, the depth of the injection, the amount of cross-linking of the particular product and the patient being treatment. That said, in my experience an average duration is about 9 months.
Location, location.. Location. The more mobile the area it is placed in, the quicker it will dissolve. 6-12 months is a good ballpark figure. Mobile areas like lips break it down faster, whereas it will last longer in areas which are less mobile (nasolabial folds, etc).

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How long does juviderm work?

6 to 12 months. Depending on the location and the amount injected, juvederm can last from 6 to 12 months. The more active the underlying muscles, the faster it gets absorbed by your body. Read more...
Depends where placed. When placed in the nasolabial folds - the grooves that run toward the corners of the mouth from the nose - 6 months or so is about average. In the lips it doesn't last as long but in the cheeks it may last up to a year. It will last even longer if you don't wait for it to go away completely before re-injecting. Read more...