What type of vitamin d supplement is best? Otc or rx?

The natural. My advise would be to use the derived from cod liver oil. It comes naturally in combination with vitamin a. This is a very good natural combination for multiple reasons. You can find it in the vitamin shops. Look for capsules containing vit d- 400 iu and vit a about 2, 000 or 3, 000 iu. The usual recommended dose would be one capsule a day after meal. If you are sick you can take more.

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Can you please tell me the best possible way to supplement with vitamin d?

Many way. Gell caps are probably easiest 1000 iu/ 25 # body wt taken daily check vit d level at begining and ~ every 3-4 months shooting for a level of >50 <100 go to vitamindcouncil. Org for much more info.

My vitamin d was 24 last time checked. Should I still take a D3 supplement and if so, is there a certain brand that's best?

Yes, however... Normal levels of Vit D are 30-100, though 50-80 is the optimal level. Achieving good levels helps prevent heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, infections etc. In fall &amp; winter all adults should take 5-8000 iu/day. In spring and summer spending about 20 min. In mid-day sun without sunscreen can give enough D but if you don't do that take year-round. Best with K. Many good brands- see comment:

What are the best vitamin d supplements? How much should one take?

Any brand will do. Counter to what a salesperson might tell you, there's not much money to be made selling vitamin D. As long as the label has a USP DSVP symbol on it, you're pretty assured of its quality. So don't buy fancy brands/names - just make sure it's D3, not D2. For most, 1, 000-2, 000units each day should be fine. Take enough to bring your 25OH vitamin D above 30ng/mL. Don't check 1, 25 diOH vitamin D.

What's a recommended daily dosage of OTC vitamin d supplement? Should it be taken with food?

It depends... Dose is individualized, but most adults need 5000-8000 iu/day in fall & winter for optimal levels. You can get toxic from too much but doses below 40, 000 iu/day are safe. If you spend time in the mid-day sun in spring & summer without sunscreen don't need to take in those months. Check levels. See http://articles. Mercola. Com/sites/articles/archive/2011/11/30/taking-the-right-type-of-vitamin-d.Aspx.
Find blood levels. Many people are vitamin d3 deficient, and it's important to have enough. So you're right to pursue this. A blood test to know your level is the best thing to get. That way you can supplement with the right amount. Until you know that it's safe to take up to 5000 units per day.

I want to take vitamin d supplement what is the best form to buy and at what dose? Especially that I have insufficient vitd blood levels?

Possible D3. Most people say that d3 is better than d2 but the evidence suggest that either is fine.
Vit D. All of the otc vit d is d3 which is what you want dose kind of depends on your wt and present level tons of good info at vitamindcouncil. Org my usual dosing formula is ~ 1000 iu/25# body wt get recheck of level in ~ 3 months almost everybody is vit d deficient.

What is the best calcium supplement with vitamin d for a 63-year-old woman?

D3. It seems that the latest information has been that D3 is what is best for the body - also called cholecalciferol. So you want a calcium with d3. Also, magnesium is an important mineral for bone health as well. As far as which supplement is the best, it is very difficult to say. An excellent resource is nutrisearch's comparative guide to nutritional supplements.
Lots to choose from. As long as you are getting between 1000-1200mg of calcium daily in divided doses and 2000-5000 units of vitamin d daily you should be in good range. A blood sample before and 3 months after supplementation would be recommended. Also make sure you are doing 30 mins of weight bearing exercise at least 3 times a week for optimal bone health.

Will taking a vitamin d supplement affect type 2 diabetes?

Possibly. There is some laboratory support for the idea that low levels of vit d cause lead to lower responsiveness to Insulin and higher sugars. Clinical studies in humans have not shown significant improvement in patients taking large amounts of vit d. Maintaining normal vit d levels can lead to better bone health, more energy, and improved sense of well-being.
NO. There is no evidence that vitamin d supplement will help diabetes.[ vitamin d deficiency may, although this is far from proven, worsen Insulin sensitivity.].
See below. People with low levels of vitamin D appear to have an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, even if they aren't overweight or obese. Previous research has found that people with low vitamin D levels are more likely to be obese and to have diabetes, prediabetes and related disorders. Please see your doctor for follow-up.

When is the best time to take a calcium supplement with vitamin d supplement?

For a lot of reasons. Calcium plays a vital role in body function. It regulates muscle contraction, nerve conduction and bone health among others. Both calcium and vitamin d should be taken with a meal (only exception will be calcium citrate which can be taken on empty stomach).
It depends. Most vitamin d3 supplements are best taken with food. Calcium carbonate should be taken with food, so you may take both at the same meal. Calcium citrate can be taken with or without food.