What is albuminuria?

Protein spill ! Albuminuria is the medical term for protein in the urine.
Protein in Urine. Kidneys act as a filter for the blood. Like a colander used to strain pasta, the protein (pasta) is kept out of the urine while the bad stuff (the boiling water) is passed through. With kidney injury, the colander becomes less fine, with bigger openings. This, as you would expect, allows not just water but pasta (protein) to be lost. Causes for this are many. Consult a nephrologist.
Albumin in urine. suggest loss of albumin in the urine which is not normal. This suggest underlying kidney disease and should be followed up and cause found. Diabetes is a common cause but any of the glomerular disease can cause it. Suggest see a kidney doctor.
Protein in urine. Hi Rachel, albumin is a type of protein found in the blood. When the kidneys are having trouble filtering, albumin can slip through into the urine. This is called albuminuria. Most commonly, folks with kidney disease from diabetes or nephrotic syndrome (syndrome where the kidneys can't filter protein), will have some level of albuminuria. Hope that is helpful. .

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What conditions cause albuminuria?

Diabetes and kidney. In relation to diabetes it means that the diabetes has not been well controlled and the kidney has been damaged enough to leak protein. Albuminuria is also present in as number of kidney diseases that are not related to diabetes. Read more...
MANY. Albuminuria is simply the finding of protein in the urine. Particularly an ubiquitous plasma protein called albumin. There are many chronic and many acute diseases, as well as temporary and permanent conditions that can cause it. Every particular case needs to be taken in context. Infections, hypertension, chronic renal disease are just some examples. Read more...

What is meant by glucosoria? Albuminuria?

substance in urine. Glucosuria (also called mellituria) is due to sugar in the urine on analysis and may reflect the presence of diabetes. Albuminuria is the presence of Albumin in the urine which can be from infection, or kidney disease. Other chemicals and substances can also be present in the urine as a reflection of diet, drug intake or illness. Read more...