Are there benefits regarding garlic and heart health?

No solid data. No good randomized placebo controlled study has shown benefit. It can interact with anticoagulants and other perscription medications. Contrary to popular belief "natural" medications can have side effects and interactions. Always let your family doctor know when you are taking supplements.

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Does garlic lower bp, improve heart health and serve as an antioxidant?

Not much evidence. Few studies have show two effects: reduce bad cholesterol and relax smooth muscle may be decreasing bp. Antioxidant/antibiotic effects decreasing incidence of breast, prostate and colon cancer less evidence base. Supplements and herbs are never the whole answer to treat a serious disease. There are benefits in conventional medicine and living a healthy lifestyle. Consult your doctor and research.

Hi there. I'm slightly prehypertensive, and for general heart health, apart from exercise, etc., I take moderate amounts of several vasodilators, such as fish oil, garlic, hawthorn, celery seed, olive leaf, arginine, CoQ10, and reishi mushroom (as well a

Dietary supplements. Are not regulated or checked by the FDA. You should check your blood pressure and if consistently elevated take a prescription medication.
Need a big picture. Hi, Shaun, Make sure you had a stress test to see if blood pressure is overly elevated with exercise. This is an important marker of how your blood vessels react. Echocardiogram (which you had) and functional medicine testing may help to idenitify root cause of blood pressure elevation. You need blood work, heavy metal screen, and vascular reactivity assesment, maybe meds, and supplement tune up!

I was thinking of fasting 1x/wk for heart health. Is it enough for a benefit? I'm in good health and will drink water. Any addtl advice appreciated.

No.. Not sure if fasting once a week will help but I am aware that fasting is advice by some christians and is mention at the bible. I will advice good diet, exercise using anaerobic and aerobic exercises, keep your weight down, control stress, have a good outlook in life, enjoy your work, enjoy life and do good to others. :).

My doc asked me to take ubiquinol 100mg once a day for heart health. Does ubiquinol have any other benefits? Thx

Many. Ubiquinol is coenzyme q10 participate many of good body functions beside your heart health, q 10 our body produces it. Supplement will help if we are lacking, downing the body with it will not give any additional help, some of the chemical ingredients it has may damage the body, itself is safe.
No data to support. We generally give it to pts on statin with muscle pains eventhough it does not have any randomised trials to support it, since we do not want them to quit taking statins. Like I said no randomised data for all other effects also.

I suffer from chronic Gerd. I've drank heavy in the past. I'm 40 and a recent scope showed no Barrett's, etc. If I quit drinking will there be a benefit in cancer risk reduction. If I had a drink a day for heart health benefit is that advise able?

Big picture, buddy! I'm really glad that you're no longer drinking heavily. You realized it wasn't good for you or those around you, and you cut back. I'd urge you to stop. It'll make you fat, it costs money, your stomach doesn't like it, and I don't think you'll find a single physician foolish enough to say you should do it for "heart health". Why not join these guys? The best gift you can give your heart & yourself.
Withou. Barrett's the Cancer risk is much lower and I do NOT know of any connection with drinking moderately!!! Heavy drinking is not necessarily a risk factor for CA of your esophagus but it sure will kill yah some other way! Hope this helps! Dr Z.

What is a really good fruit for heart health?

Pomegranite. Any fruit rich in antioxidants, vitamins is good for heart health. However, diabetics have to be moderate given potential impact of some sweet fruits on blood sugars.
All fruit. Almost all whole fruit is beneficial for heart/vascular health because of the large amounts of antioxidants. The best whole fruits would be purple, blue, red, yellow, & green. Eat the skins too because that's where the antioxidants are. Avoid most juices because of their sugar. Goji, noni, etc are good. A diet with processed carbohydrates and rancid vegetable oils will undo any benefit from fruits.
Colorful diet. A variety of different colored fruit and vegetables contain different antioxidants and nutrients and should be included in your diet. If you have to pick one I would say pomegranate in the natural form (better than juice).

Can weight training help improve your heart health?

Yes...but. Weight training that is part of an aerobic exercise program will certainly be beneficial for your heart. Lifting heavy weights for mass without aerobic activity will have only marginal heart benefits.

What are some healthy habits to maintain heart health?

Exercise! As little as 30 minutes of walking 4 times a day can do tremenous things for heart health. If drug companies could make exercise a pill, they would! It's simple and free, so at minimum everyone should walk or jog.