What are high-profile breast implants?

Fit the chest. We use implant profile to help keep the implants lookign natural on a woman's chest. The higher profile allows us to choose a larger implant to get more volume without having the implant extend under a patient's armpit.
High Profile Implant. Implants are not only measured by their volumes, but also by width and height (or projection). The standard or moderate implant is wider and does not project off the chest as much for any given volume or size. The high profile implant is narrower and tends to project off of the chest more than the lower profile implants. These implants tend to be best for women for narrower chests.
High Profile Implant. High profile breast implants are implants that stick out forward more than the lower profile models. They provide a deeper cleavage for those who want to look more "cleavy" and noticeable. I tend to like the moderate types more often to split the difference, but it is a matter of taste of course. :).
Taller, narrower. High profile implants have a narrower base width for a given volume than lower profile implants. Your surgeon will help you choose the right implant that fits your chest measurements and desired size.
New shape option. High profile refers to an implant that may be the same size or volume as a low profile implant but that has more projection for a given breast diameter. It is genrally used in patients with a small band width who desire a larger volume implant. See photo.
New shape same size. High profile refers to implant projection. Both major implant manufacturers currently offer ultra high profile implants. Round implants can be characterized by 3 dimensions: diameter, projection and volume. For a given volume of 300cc a high profile implant will have more projection and a narrower base diameter. Think of two friends weighing 150lbs with one 4 ft and the other 5ft. See image left.
One type of implant. Breast implants come in several shapes and styles. The profile of an implant helps to determine how much it projects forward. A higher profile implant (as opposed to moderate or low profile) tends to create more breast projection.
Projection. The higher the breast implant profile, the greater the “projection”; in other words, the more the breast implant will stick out, compared to a more “moderate” profile implant. Communicating your goals carefully with your plastic surgeon along with careful evaluation of your specific body type, will help you determine which breast implant size/profile will best achieve your goals. Goal pictures.
It has to do. With the shape of the implant. A high-profile implant is rounder than a medium or low profile implant. It gives more fullness in the top part of the breast when implanted. It carries more volume (more cc's) in it, than a low or medium profile implant of the same diameter or width, because of it's taller shape. Think of it like "the push-up bra" appearance implant.
Projection. The implant will have a given base width. For that width the manufactures made different projections. ( basically; low, moderate, high). The surgeon can then use the projection to try and achieve the goal of the patient. Speak with your board certified plastic surgeon to see which is best for you. http://www.jjrothmd.com/before-after/category/breast-augmentation.
A new style: see pic. A high profile implant is a "taller" implant when compared to a similar implant of the same size. See the photo description.
More projection. High profile implants have more projection. Speak with your plastic surgeon to determine which implant sizes and types are best to fit your body type, chest size, and aesthetic expectations.
Projection. High profile implants have a narrower, taller bag for a given size volume. To use an analogy imagine having the same serving of soup in a bowl versus a cup. The cup would be higher profile. I generally don't like the look of high profile implants unless the patient has an exceedingly narrow chest or I am using the larger size ranges.
Taller & Narrower. A high profile implant is used to refer to an implant that has the same fill volume but has greater projection (height) but a smaller diameter to the base. It is used for patients with a smaller chest or those who want to acheve greater fullness. It is generally felt that they have less rippling than similar sized "low profile" implants.
High Profile Implant. High profile implants refers to the projection of the implant. In other words, the high profile implant projects out more compared to it's moderate profile counterpart. Each size of implant can come in either the high profile or the moderate profile. The high profile will have a slightly smaller diameter than the moderate profile. This is a decision you should make with your plastic surgeon.