What is hepatitis from?

Variety of reasons. Hepatitis simply means inflammation of the liver and is reflected by elevated liver function tests (ast and alt) - it can be the result of many things - the most common are: alcohol, fatty liver, viral hepatitis (hepatitis b and hepatitis c), autoimmune hepatitis, and drug induced hepatitis. Treatment varies by etiology, so it is critical to determine the cause - see you physician to have tests.
Depends on type. Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver. Viral hepatitis is caused by a few specific viruses, types a, b, c, d, e, f (not confirmed), and g. The most common hepatitis viruses are types a, b, and c. A, by oral secretions and stool. B, sexual conduct, blood (tattooing, piercing, transfusions). C, sharing needles, transfusions. D, same as b. Up to 1/3 of cases have unknown source.

Related Questions

What types of hepatitis come from a blood transfusion?

Hepatitis B, C. This is probably a lot less common than before due to vaccination for hepatitis b, and more diligent screening. The transmission of hepatitis c via transfusion is currently at a rate of about 1 in 2 million units. Hepatitis b is probably less than that.
Hepatitis B & C. Possibility of contracting hepatitis b or c through blood transfusion is very remote, though.

Can you get cancer from tattoo? & aside from that, what makes you get hepatitis C from tattooing?

Contaminated needles. And dyes. Tattoos are not associated with cancer, but the process can transmit a number of infections if proper aseptic precautions are not used, e.G, if a needle is used on a person with hep c infection and is then used on a new person, without proper cleaning/sterilization, the infection would be transmitted to the new person.
No cancer, hepC--yes. There has never been a report showing tattooing causes cancer, but definitely hepc--yes. Hepc is transmitted because of dirty-needles; the artist may use the same needle used on a hepc positive person, thus can transmit the hepc to you. So, if the needle is sanitized or using a clean/new needle, you won't get hepc from tattooing. So, get tattoo at a clean place! Good luck.
Tattoos. Tattoo needle are sometimes not sterile. Therefore, many different viruses can be transmitted including hep c.