How do HPV warts affect a pregnancy?

Delivery. The presence of warts due to hpv virus will not cause harm to the pregnancy. The only risk is at the time of delivery, when the virus may be transmitted to the baby when it comes through the birth canal possibly causing warty growths in the throat of the baby. It is best to clear warts prior to delivery. If extensive warts are present, a cesarean section may be indicated.

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I had one sexual encounter years ago and my partner'scondom broke. He had HPV with warts. I haven't had wartsyet. Would pregnancy make them appear if I was infected?

Warts. No more likely to appear than without pregnancy. Sometimes the virus will show up on a pap smear. Ask your gyn.
HPV. Warts can grow in pregnancy, but they don't just appear because of pregnancy. A condom does not fully protect you from hpv.
Too early to tell. Exposure to hpv doesn't automatically lead to infection. The transmission rate has been estimated to be 20%, but all it takes is one unfortunate event. In general, pregnancy does not lead to clinical appearance of latent warts. Make sure to use barrier protection.

Will low risk HPV and genital warts affect pregnancy?

Not typically. The only way hpv affects pregnancy is if the wart is so big it would affect the baby's head/body coming out of the birth canal. This is a very rare situation. Genital warts are common enough that many women have them during pregnancy. You can always talk to your ob/gyn and discuss for his/her opinion as well. Good luck with pregnancy!

If you have a normal pap smear while pregnant, but developed skin tags in mid to late pregnancy. Could it be HPV warts?

Yes it is possible. Yes it is possible, but not all skin tags are hpv warts. You should show them to your OB at your next visit.
Hard to say... Hpv warts can have the appearance of skin tags. However, the increased hormone levels of pregnancy can stimulate small skin tags or nevi (moles) that are normally present to increase in size and become more apparent. If there is concern, discuss the possibility of removing them following the delivery especially if there will be the pain control of an epidural available.