How do I know if I have HPV?

Pap test and HPV DNA. For a 36 year old female, the best test for hpv and hpv related disease is a pap test (cervicovaginal cytology) combined with a high risk hpv dna test. If you have this "cotest" and are dual negative, then you likely do not have an active cervicovaginal hpv infection at this time. Hope that this helps!
Ask your doc or GYN. Hpv can cause symptoms, or can be silent. As it is the most common cause of cancer of the cervix, if you are concerned, you should definitely ask your gyn. A simple pap smear can diagnose hpb. Your gyn is a professional that takes your concern seriously and will not make you feel poorly about your sexual choices.

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How do I know if I have hpv?

Pap Smear. A routine pap smear can pick up on hpv exposure/infection on the cervix. Pap smears are typically not performed until the age of 21 now. Read more...
Testing. Testing for hpv can be done at the same time as your pap smear. You can discuss with your doctor whether or not you should be tested. Read more...