Related Questions

I think I have a yeast infection but I don't want to see the doctor. What can I do?

OTC. There are over-the-counter yeast creams that are safe and mostlt effective - if you are 100% certain it's a yeast infection. If you've had them before and you're sure, you can try Monistat or an otc cream. If you've never had one and are 'guessing, ' got to the doctor anyway!

I'm on vacation and I think I may have a yeast infection. Are there any over-the-counter treatments I can buy to get rid of it since I can't see a doc?

Yeast Medicine. Yes, of course. Most treatments for yeast infections are over the counter and do not require a prescription. These are found at the grocery or drug stores around the country.

What kind of doctor should I see about a recurring yeast infection?

See your family doc. Your family doctor should be able to take care of this. If you have a gynecologist they would also be able to help you. This is a fairly common complaint.

Recurring yeast infection due to oral, used flucanozole last time but can't see a doc. What can I use and how do I stop this from happening?

Treat intestines! Recurrent vaginal yeast is usually caused by yeast overgrowth in our intestines, known as intestinal candidiasis, a common side effect of antibiotics & hormones including birth control pills. This is treated with a low starch diet, probiotics & antifungal drugs or herbs such as Pau D'Arco, oregano oil and a product called Yeast Ease. See http://tinyurl. Com/234ag4b & http://tinyurl. Com/qb5bslw.