What if I become pregnant with fibroids?

Depends. Most women with fibroids have fairly normal pregnancies. Fibroid can increase the likelihood of complications of pregnancy, especially miscarriage. Fibroids can also infarct during pregnancy, which can be painful.
Likely no problems. Most women who become pregnant with fibroid tumors will do well. However, some will have pain, increase in size, and possibily bleeding. Premature delivery risk is increased if the tumors are large. Rarely, they can interfere with normal delivery. Your doctor will follow you closely to detect any problems during your pregnancy.

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What if I become pregnant and have fibroids?

Don't worry, see OB. Make an appointment with your ob. They may get an early sono to evaluate the size of the fibroids. Even patients with large fibroids may have a normal full-term pregnancy.
Not uncommon. Women with fibroids, depending on the size can have increased risks of preterm birth, growth restriction, abdominal-back pain during pregnancy.