What person needs a lung ventilation/perfusion scan?

Folks with a suspicion for blood clot in the lung. This may be due to spells of breathlessness or chest pain or both. More common if there is blood clots in the leg (phlebitis).
Pulmonary Embolism. Typically, the person who gets a lung ventilation perfusion scan is being evaluated for possible pulmonary embolism, to help guide medical management.

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Dr order pulm. Ventilation/perfusion scan for tachardyia and sob. Have normal chest x-ray, ekg, pulmonary test and blood work. Odds it's an embolism?

See below. Prob not a pulmonary embolism but certainly good thing to rule out. I prefer ct pulmonary angiogram to vent perfusion but it should be adequate. Read more...
Odds don't count. Stastitics are only guidelines and don't apply to individual cases. A lung scan (v/q) is accurate if it is considered high probability or normal. The " gold standard" is computerized angiogram of the chest which is very accurate both to diagnose or exclude pulmonary embolism. Talk to your md. If you have no medical contraindications, i would prefer the ct angiogram. Read more...