What is male infertility?

Defective Sperm. Either the sperm produced are ineffective, not fully mature, have poor mobility or there are no sperm due to injury or development. Even a low number of sperm makes it hard to get pregnant.
Male infertility. Is the inability to achieve a successful pregnancy after a year of unprotected intercourse due to sperm problems (male contribution).

Related Questions

What causes male infertility if young?

Too many thing. The causes of male infertility are vast and include really non-specific things related to lifestyle, drug / alcohol use, general health. More complicated anatomical, genetic, hormonal causes can also be a cause. Best place is to start with pcp, maybe a semenanalysis if appropriate, then onwards to a specialist in male infertility.
Many causes. Male infertility has many causes and accounts for 40-50% of infertility. If you have infertility then male factors require early diagnosis. The semen analysis is only a small part of the evaluation. See a specialist soon to avoid unnecessary delays. Men benefit from an examination too. Infertility is a couples problem so always consider the partner in the context of treatment. I hope this helps.

What causes male infertility if they already had a child?

Many things... Sperm is produced new in the testicles about every 10 weeks. Over time, things can change. Age can affect sperm over time, as can something called a varicocele. Reproductive toxins in our food, water, air, and workplace can also cause sperm to deteriorate over time. I hope this helps!

What cause male infertility and weak sperms?

Multiple reasons. See your family doctor and determine the underlying cause for male infertility. A full medical history and examination including labs (FSH. LH, Prolactin, Testosterone, etc) and semen analysis.

What could cause male infertility?

Many causes. A number of things can cause reduced male fertility. Genetic or development problems, toxic or chemical exposures, infectious diseases, trauma, diseases or conditions of the genital tract, and sexual dysfunction to name some.
Many things. Low sperm count, low testosterone, varicoceles, drugs, medications, genetics bottom line: get checked out.

What is meant by male infertility?

Abnormal sperm. Male infertility implies that the infertility is due to the male partner--ie abnormal sperm (low count, low morphology, poor motility), no sperm, chromosomal abnormality etc.

Is male infertility a common problem?

Yes, very common. In couples trying to conceive there is a sperm issue about 40-50% of the time, ranging from mild to severe sperm problems. Semen analysis is an important part of infertility testing. Sometimes the sperm issue is the only problem we find when we test both partners, often there are male and female factors together. Even if the man's sperm is 'normal' it helps a lot if the male partner is supportive.
Yes. It is estimated that of all couples who experience infertility, 40% are male factor problems, and in another 20% there are problems with both partners. It's not as dire as it may sound though: male 'infertility' doesn't usually mean the couple can't have a child, just that they may need some help.
Here are some. .. Largely, some 15% of couple may have difficulty to conceive within one year of nonprotected sexual intercourse. Among them, females are responsible some 50% of cases; males, 30%; female and male, 20%. In men, most common cause is still idiopathic (unclear) although varicocele is the most common identifiable cause for possible male infertility in 35-40% of men as compared to 15-20% in general popul.

Male infertility tests procedures, costs?

Semen analysis. All male fertility evaluation starts with a semen analysis, and usually ends there. Men needing further evaluation may include consultation with a urologist, scrotal ultrasound, testicular biopsy, and the list goes on. For costs you need to inquire locally because they vary; in our area semen analysis is usually in the $100-$200 range.