What are the treatment options for endometriosi?

Pain or fertility .. Options depend on if pelvic pain is an issue, and if trying to conceive now, want kids in the future , or done with childbearing. Medical treatment: Depo-Provera Lupron (leuprolide) shots work best, also Letrozole tablets or birth control pills. Surgical options: laparoscopy with excision or ablation vs. Removal of ovaries +/- hysterectomy. Fertility patients may need ivf after Depo-Provera Lupron (leuprolide) or medications and iui.
Excision. The only proven treatment is laparoscopic excision (surgically "cutting out"). This serves to visually identify all lesions (implants) of the disease and provides confirmation by the pathologist that the endometriosis was indeed removed. This is best done by laparoscopy, a minimally invasive technique using a lighted narrow telescope to view the contents of the abdominal and pelvic cavities.

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What are my treatment options for endometriosis other than birth control or surgery?

Several. Other medications may help such as Norethindrone acetate, aromatase inhibitors, and Lupron (leuprolide) injections. Often times a medicine works for a certain time and then another one is required. Sometimes atypical medicines such as Gabapentin can help pain. Exercise and even acupuncture can be very useful. Read more...
Endometriosis. Adecuate resective surgery plus Lupron should be your first option. Other medications like progesterone, danazol, aromatase inhibitor drugs, Mirena (levonorgestrel) iud can be options for treatment. Read more...