Why do I need prenatal care if I want a home birth?

Death. Childbirth was one of the leading caused of a women's death in the 19th & early 20th centuries. Fetal loss was also high. Planning for childbirth is not like your bridal shower/wedding. There are real dangers involved. If you want childbirth like it was practiced in the 19th century you need to accept the risks involved. Don't expect any reputable doctor or midwife to participate.
Prenatal care. Prenatal care is important whether you choose to deliver in a hospital or at home. Hypertension and blood sugar issues can be diagnosed with prenatal care and other medical issues that would put youand your baby at high risk to have a home delivery. Even if you are a low risk for problems, issues can surface during labor and the delivery process if you plan a home birth that are not anticipated.
Child's health. Prenatal care is not just about the delivery. It assures that things are progressing well through the pregnancy and helps you deliver a healthy child. Prenatal care screens you for certain infections and conditions that may harm you and/or the baby. Please take prenatal vitamins and get regular prenatal care.
See below. There is a lot that can happen prior to the delivery of your baby. Prenatal care will provide supervision of you and your unborn baby. Growth of the fetus will be monitored, prenatal vitamins are needed, and monitoring of you for pregnancy complications will occur. Also, if you are planning a home birth, provisions need to be arranged in case there are complications. Problems can arise.