Do I still need birth control if breastfeeding?

YES!!! Breast feeding does not prevent pregnancy. Not even a little bit. If you are having sex while breast feeding you should use protection. Unless you want to get pregnant again.
Some but not 100% There are some specfic criteria that result in an effective contraception. But, absolutely all these items must be 100% true! 1. Baby less than 6 months old, 2. You have not yet had a period after delivery, 3. No supplementary bottles or food. If all the above are true lam (lactation ammenorrhea method) is as effective as birth control pills. If any are not true, you need a back up metod.

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Do I still need to take birth control if I am breastfeeding?

Maybe. When you are exclusively breast-feeding in the first 6 months- no supplemental feedings (of formula or food), feeding every 4 hours, and before your period returns, lactation/ breast feeding can be effective for birth control if used consistently. If you are not following these rules, using birth control is a good idea.

What can I do if taking birth control killed my milk supply and I'm still breastfeeding?

There's a way! Which type of birth control are you using? I typically prescribe a Progesterone only pill which often does not affect milk supply. If you are on this type and having issues you may consider changing to just condoms with spermicide. Or you could consider using herbal remedies to boost supply like fenugreek. Any other milk supply boosters that are prescription I would discuss with your doctor.
Reglan (metoclopramide) See your doc for a script to jump start your milk supply. Ask him for micronor (norethindrone) too.

4 months off birth control patch, but no period and having pregnancy symptoms (still breastfeeding 14months old daughter)?

Not Ovulating. Not sure why you are asking this over and over. This is possible. But, it is not common. You may not be ovulating yet. It also surely seems like you are breastfeeding way beyond the normal length of time that is healthy. A toddler more than one year of age needs food. If you want to ovulate then please go see your gynecologist or stop breastfeeding.

I had a 911 type c-sec in april of this year. I am still bleeding, like a period. I'm on birth control and still breast feed some. Is something wrong?

Hard to say. Worth seeing your doctor about. But one possibility is the birth control. A common side effect of progesterone-only birth control (such as the "mini-pill") is irregular, ongoing bleeding.

Am using the arm implant as a birth control n still breastfeeding I keep stressing out about being pregnant again can I become pregnant?

Nearly impossible. The contraceptive implant is one of the best contraceptive on the market, almost as good as getting your tubes tied. It would be highly unlikely for you to be pregnant if this was placed after childbirth and if you have been consistently breastfeeding. I would be very surprised, but you can always get a pregnancy test.