Is my breastfeeding baby getting enough vitamin d?

Probably. The vitamin d in breastmilk is more bioavailable to the baby than in regualr milk. Make sure you are getting enough sunshine at this time of year. About 15 minutes a day, if it is warm and not too bright, your infant can benefit too. We've all become a little bit too overboard with sunscreen and that can lower the vitamin d levels too. Sun shine is not bad, sun burn is. Be cautious & limited.

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For a mom that is breastfeeding a baby can she take vitamin d 1000 iu capsules?

Yes. That is a reasonable dose and one would not expect a great deal of transfer to milk at that level.

Breastfeeding. Yesterday missed to give liquid vitamin D to my 3months old baby. Is it ok? I am taking prenatal vitamins that also contain vitamin D

Missing vit D dose. No problem, 1 missed dose will not affect your baby, besides vitamins D in normally formed by the body from exposure of the skin to the sun. Try to give your baby the vitamin at the same time you take yours, this way you don't forget. Good luck & enjoy your baby.

My baby is 17 month old and I breast feed him but his weight is 9.5 kg and he doesn't eat at all he has low vitamin d and iron is it worrying?

Wholesome diet. Are you strictly breast feeding or is he on solids? If not he needs to be on cereal, fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs and turkey among other things.
Yes. Your child certainly needs calory boost along with vitamin and iron supplement. I would suggest gradually wean from breast milk with introduction of toddler formula. Consult with pediatrician for further details.

Can I prevent rickets in my exclusively breast-fed child through sun exposure alone? I exclusively breast-feed my son. Is it possible to prevent rickets with sun exposure instead of giving him vitamin d drops?

The. The american academy of pediatrics recommends that all exclusively breast fed children be supplemented with vitamin d drops to reach adequate levels. Even though sunlight can induce the skin to produce vitamin d, the amount of sunlight needed to produce an adequate amount can be dangerous. Research shows that extended skin exposure to uv light - especially as an infant or small child - can lead to increased risk of skin cancers later in life. In general, even for adults, no sun is good sun.
Probably yes. Rickets is a metabolic bone disease related to vitamin D deficiency. It is associated with severe malnutrition, and on rare conditions, genetic defects of metabolism. Vitamin D is necessary to convert calcium to its usable, absorbable form. There are dietary sources of vitamin D as well as vitamin D conversion with sunlight exposure. Unless your child is severely malnourished, they should be ok.

I'm exclusively breastfeeding my 9months old boy. At night also 2-3 times when he is fussy. Bad for him? (Give vitamin D regularly)

Introduce food. An otherwise healthy 9 month old should be eating soft foods by now. Food should be introduced between 4 and 6 months of age to promote fine motor movements of the tongue and mouth, increase iron stores, and promote a healthy GI system. You may continue to breast feed at the same time, and his primary source of nutrition is still milk. Speak with your pediatrician if there are medical concerns.
Follow his lead. If he needs the nurturing of BF it is fine to continue. Some babies are more needy than others. If he would take a bottle at night you could eventually give him water then and he might quit waking to eat. If he lingers at feeds he is looking for nurturing. When he begins to cut it short and expresses interest in moving to other activities he is signaling that weaning is possible.

vitamin d deficiency for at least 3 years then got pregnant august 2013 and been breastfeeding 8 months can my osteoporosis be related to this?

Osteoporosis. Regrettably yes but extremely unlikely. If you have had a DXA study was it normal? If not you will need a full osteoporosis work up by a very competent Endocrinologist and Spine Surgeon. Why is this unlikely? Because only 15 women have developed osteoporosis after pregnancy over the past 5 years. See the doctors and I am confident you will be fine and thoroughly enjoy your.