What can I do for my baby's oral health?

Hygiene ,avoid habit. Other than the routine good brushing with children toothpaste, proper diet low in sugars and carbs you should avoid the baby bottle habit, pacifier and thumb sucking as soon as possible. These habits can result in abnormal pressures on the developing oral structures such as bone, erupting teeth, incorrect tongue movement. The negative effects can result in malocclusion or malpositioning of teeth.
Cleaning. Depending on the age of your child, you can care for their oral health in numerous ways. If teeth are just coming in, be sure to clean them once or twice a day using a infant tooth gel and a washcloth or finger brush. In older children it is important to brush twice a day. Lastly, making sure your teeth are healthy is beneficial to your child as well.
Your Oral Health. Dr fulmer's point on your oral health is very important. Studies show that infants develope a mix of bacteria in their mouths that is closest to their mother or primary care giver. Once established, these bacteria will influence future decay & gum disease or health rates. So your brushing & flossing, not smoking and your good nutritional habits will contribute to your baby's future oral health.